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pink_arrowMatch Day Hospitality from Port Glasgow Juniors
Port Glasgow Juniors have a special hospitality offer for their Scottish Cup tie against Whitehills FC on Sat 24th Sep at Parklea Stadium.

pink_arrowWETWALL, super strong range, - BUY 1pk GET 2pks FREE
The Wetpanel Warehouse offers an excellent range of products, including Wetwall panels, ceiling panels and waterproof flooring.

pink_arrowRun My Town Homepage in Your Area
You could be running our My Town Homepage website for your area for as little as £10 per week. This means you can keep any profit you make from our website over and above this figure. Click for info..

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The Admiralty Adventures:: Treasure of the High Seas Paperback
£4.99 - n/a

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How to add a General Classified Advert
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Latest Community News

pink_arrowMSP gets eyes examined to highlight importance of eye-health checks
Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Stuart McMillan is backing a national drive to highlight the importance of getting your eyes checked.

Worryingly, a quarter of adults surveyed in a new You Gov poll commissioned by sight loss charity RNIB and Specsavers still didn't know that eye examinations have been free in Scotland since 2006.

pink_arrowWe're Re-Launching My Town Homepage
The PURPOSE of My Town Homepage is to "Create and Promote a more Positive Community in Inverclyde". Here's how you can help with that.....

pink_arrowNew Inverkip War Memorial Booklet Set to be Published
A new booklet commemorating the 29 people from Inverkip who gave their lives during World War 1 and 2 is set to be published. Follow the Facebook Link below for more.

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Daily Deals Offer - Only £20 for your very own Daily Deal Page
Do you have a product or a service that you think people might want to buy vouchers for? Our Daily Deals page is just for you.

It works in a similar way to Groupon, Itison etc. You come up with an offer that you'd like to offer a voucher for at a special price. People can then come to this special page on our website which has all the functionality you need to carry out service.

This is a sample of a Daily Deal. A Business Offer image would appear here with details below. The customer can then click on the "Buy Now" Button below to purchase a voucher for the offer.

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