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Info for Public Agencies
We recognise that a major issue for Public Agencies is for you to be able to connect to your own specific customers and also to the general public. At Mytownhomepage we’ll help you do that. We’ll offer a wide variety of ways to help you reach your customers.  In many instances these are FREE and when there is a charge it’ll be a lot cheaper, easier and more effective than other, more traditional marketing, that you may have used in the past. Have a look below at some of the ways we can help your organisation be more effective in your local area. 


Here are some ways that you can use Mytownhomepage as a local Public Agency:

Public Agency Listings

Public Agencies will be allowed 2 types of listing i.e. a Free Listing and a Top Listing.  A Free Listing allows for basic details (Name; Short Description; Logo/Image; Address; Telephone Number) of your Agency to be included. A Top Listing allows customers to link to a full page of information about your organisation. In a Top Listing you can get;

  • a full page web site
  • full details of what your Agency is about
  • a link to your email address
  • a link to your external web page if you have one
  • a map showing where you're based
  • a link to your Facebook Page if you have one
  • a link to your Twitter site if you have one
  • a link to your You Tube Account if you have one

Normally a Top Listing would cost £100 per year. For a Special Promotional Period, all Top Listings will be FREE! Use the link above to register your business on our site and get a FREE Top Listing.


An announcement is an opportunity for a Public Agency to tell the general public in their area something that they consider important to share. It will allow the agency to give a brief description on the announcements landing page and then more detailed information on the specific page that the announcement will be entitled to.

An Announcement Listing - All new announcements will be listed in chronological order in the Announcements Listing Page, be included for free on the MTH Twitter and Facebook Pages and will also be included for free in the MTH weekly newsletter. As new announcements are listed, yours will move further down the page and eventually on to page 2 etc. A listing will have basic information on the Announcement e.g. Title; brief description; further info. Clicking on the Announcement will take the viewer to a full page where the agency can give further information such as;

  • Further details of the Announcement
  • Further photographs
  • An email contact address
  • A web link to another internal or external site
  • A map if required
  • A video link if required
  • A link to social media sites

A Top Listing - If you want to ensure that your listing is always at the top of the Announcements page you can purchase a Top Listing. These normally cost £40 per 4 week period however for a Special Promotional Period they will only cost £20 per 4 week period.

What could an announcement be used for? - Some examples of what an announcement could be used to inform the public about are:

  • a forthcoming special event
  • a new initiative that you’d like them to know about
  • something that you would like them to take note of
  • a special promotion that you’d like to raise awareness of

How do I post an Announcement? - To post an Announcement follow the Announcements link above

Opinion Polls

We recognise that getting the views of your users and the general public will be important to you. Our Opinion Polls tool will help you get that information. Once again, for our introductory promotional period, this service will be FREE. Follow the link above to post an opinion poll.

One-Stop-Link Wall

The One-Stop-Link Wall is an easy and effective way for local organisations to promote themselves in their area.  The idea is that the page is a wall of links which you can use to connect to your agency. 

Clicking on your image or logo in the Wall will allow the customer to go to your Top Listing Page on Mytownhomepage or to your external web-site. Because the link will be on our site for at least a year, the Link Wall will quickly become an easy-to-use resource for the local general public to find lots of information in your local area. If you’re looking for quick way to find your local contact for the Council, Fire, Health Board etc the Wall Link will quickly become your one-link, one-page way to find out. Once customers know you're there, they'll know where to find you, easily and effectively, in the future. The Link Wall will be the easiest way for customers to get a snapshot of what’s in a local area.

Normally it would cost £100 per year for your organisation to be on our Link Wall for a year. That's outstanding value for money given that you can highlight your agency on our site for less than £10 per month. For a Special Promotional Period however we're offering places on our Link Wall for a 50% reduction of only £50 per year! We urge you to post your organisation on the site quickly. The fewer competitors that are promoted on the page, the more prominent your link will be! Visit the Link Wall using the link above to register your business on the wall

Daily Deals

What is a Daily Deal? - A Daily Deal is a promotion from a local company or organisation that is available to buy for one day in your local area. Customers click on the deal to find out how they can buy and download a voucher for your special promotion. Once they buy the voucher we’ll send you details of any business that has come your way. We’ll pay you all the income that has come to us for your deal minus a small commission fee.

How Customers use the Page - When they’re available, we’ll post details of the Daily Deal on our Today’s Deal Page and we’ll send details of the deal to all customers that have signed up for our Daily Deals Newsletter. If a customer buys the deal we’ll then send them a printable voucher that they can use with you within a time limit that you set. All income for the deal comes to us which we then pass on to you within 5 working days, minus a commission fee. Another way to make sure that customers will hear of your Daily Deal is for them to sign up to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. Your Daily Deals will be posted on these pages as well for FREE.

What does it cost to get involved? - This is the great thing about the Daily Deals page. It costs you nothing to register, set up and offer a Daily Deal. Your Deal (and your organisation of course) will be promoted on our site and on our Daily Deal Newsletter for FREE. We'll also put details of the Deal on our Twitter and Facebook pages, again for FREE. You only pay a small commission fee on any business that comes your way so you’ve nothing to lose! If no one takes up your offer you won’t even be charged an admin fee and you’ll have received lots of valuable promotion in your local area!

What day will the Deal be offered? -  The day the deal is offered is up to you. You can chose any day that hasn’t been taken by another promotion. We reserve the right to have overall control of this however to ensure our customers get a variety of offers from different companies and different types of deals.

What is our Commission Fee? - We normally only take a 20% fee of the income that comes your way. For a special promotional period however, we'll be reducing this to only 15%

Business Classifieds

If you’ve got an item for sale, this part of the site is for you. There is normally a very small charge for you to use this but we think that our site will still offer you great value for money and will be a great way for you to get your items for sale in front of the general public. For a special promotional period however all Business Classified Adverts will be FREE.

What can I use a Business Classified Advert for? -  A Business Classified Advert is for Businesses and Organisations that have an item for sale. This can be practically anything but we reserve the right to refuse to sell your product if we think it is inappropriate. We'll ask you to choose a category for your item so that it can be easily found by customers.

What does a Classified Advert look like? - A Classified Advert will have a basic description and either a logo or a picture. When a customer clicks on your advert they’ll be taken to your Advert Page where you can give further information about your item. From there you can either direct the customer to the relevant page of your external site to purchase the item or allow the customer to print off a voucher or voucher code for your item.

What does it cost to list an item? - It will normally cost only £10 + vat per item and your item will be listed on the site for a four week period. Note that this may be significantly less than it would cost to advertise your item in the local press and is a very cost effective way of, not only publicising your item, but your organisation as well. For a Special Promotional Period, all Business Classified Adverts will be FREE!

Top Listings - A Top Listing allows your item to be placed at the top of the page. Normally these listing would cost £40 per 4 week period. Again, for a special promotional period, businesses can get double the value and a Top Listing will only cost £20 + vat for a four week period.

If you would like to place an item for sale, go to the Business Classified Purchase Form.

Advertise With Us

Mytownhomepage offers a wide range of opportunities for local organisations to be able to advertise on the site. This ranges from banner adverts which will be posted at the top of every page on the site through to small adverts on specific pages that you’re interested in.  Normally, depending on the advert's size and location, adverts would cost £40-£100 per week per geographical area. For a limited time however all adverts will be half price! Visit the Advertise with us page for more info.

Local Good News

At Mytownhomepage we want to spread good news. If you’ve an item that you’d like to tell the public about for FREE then go to the Local Good News Page.


We want to keep the public in your area updated about what’s going on. The events page is easy to use and is the place for you to tell everyone about any forthcoming events for FREE

Become a Member

If you decide to use any part of the site you’ll be asked to become a Member. This is free and will allow you to register for and use any part of the site.  As a Member you’ll be able to amend your listing or advert or announcement at any time.

Get Networked

Mytownhomepage will use a variety of ways to get your listings, announcements, opinion polls etc in front of the general public. We’ll have a regular Weekly Newsletter where we’ll tell locals about what’s new this week, a Facebook page and a Twitter Page. We’ll be building up a comprehensive database of local customers and will be in touch with them regularly to allow you to connect with them.

Contact Us

We hope we’ve thought of a lot of ways to help your Public Agency.  If there’s anything you’d like to speak to us about, use the Contact Us page.