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Daily Deals Offer - Try a Daily Deal Voucher Offer for your Business

Do you have a product or a service that you think people might want to buy vouchers for? Our Daily Deals page is just for you.

It works in a similar way to Groupon, Itison etc. You come up with an offer that you'd like to offer a voucher for at a special price. People can then come to this special page on our website which has all the functionality you need to carry out service.

This is a sample of a Daily Deal. A Business Offer image would appear here with details below. The customer can then click on the "Buy Now" Button below to purchase a voucher for the offer.

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Our automated system then sends the customer a voucher with a Unique Reference Number which we also send to the Business. All the customer has to then do is to quote their name and their reference number to you to redeem their offer.

We do all the promotion for you on our Facebook Pages and Groups which have over 10,000 followers. We also send an email to our email subscribers

90% of all the income goes to you. We keep 10% to cover Paypal or credit card fees and we take a small percentage to cover our admin costs. You get your 90% transferred to you within 5 working days after the offer closes.

So if your offer sells £10 worth of vouchers you get £9. If your offer sells £100, you get £90 and if you sell £1000 of vouchers you get £900. If your offer doesn't get any sales there is NO FEE to you so you've absolutely nothing to lose. You only get charged a maximum of 10% on any sales you make.

If you've seen Groupon, Itison, etc and think that it might work for you then give our service a try.

Fill in the form by clicking on the "Post a Daily Deal" Advert Button OR contact us at the numbers below if you're interested in this service OR click Buy Now to purchase a voucher for this item and we'll be in touch with you.