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Info for Classified Advertisers

The purpose of Mytownhomepage is to offer a variety of ways to help clients connect to the general public. If you’ve got something to sell, we recognise that you’ll want to be able to do that.

The Classified Adverts section of the site is split into two parts as follows:

Business Classified Adverts

If you’re a Business and you’ve got an item for sale you can use this part of the site. Basic Listings are FREE. Top Listings are only £10 per week.

General Classified Adverts

If you’re a member of the general public and have an item, in whatever condition, for sale, you can use this part of the site for FREE. It’s a great way for you to get some cash out of the attic or for you to declutter your house. And unlike some other sites on the internet, on this site you can be guaranteed that local people will be selling to local people so you won’t have to worry about postage and packaging! If you want to promote your listing, a Top Listing costs £10 per week.

Get Networked

Mytownhomepage will use a variety of ways to get your Classified Adverts in front of the general public. We’ll have a regular Weekly Newsletter where we’ll tell locals about what’s new this week, a Facebook page and a Twitter Page. We’ll be building up a comprehensive database of local customers and will be in touch with them regularly to allow you to connect with them.

Contact Us

We hope we’ve thought of a lot of ways to help you to sell your items. If there’s anything you’d like to speak to us about, use the Contact Us page.