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Info for Community Users

Why use Mytownhomepage?

The purpose of Mytownhomepage is to allow businesses, agencies, groups, organisations, clubs and individuals to connect with the general public in an area. If you’re a member of the public you can use the site in a number of ways as detailed below.

Deals, Offers and Bargains

On the site, there are lots of ways that businesses and organisations can tell you about any new deals, offers and bargains they have. Some ways they can do this include;

Business Listings

Here you’ll be able to find details of local businesses that want to connect with you

One-Stop-Link Wall

This is a one-page one-click way for you to get in touch with many of the local businesses and public agencies in your area


If you’ve a job that needs doing around the house you can use us to help you get in touch with up to five local tradesmen. It’s a FREE service!

Special Offers

Here you’ll find details of businesses that are offering sales, printable vouchers and voucher codes

Daily Deals

This is where you’ll find our Deal of the Day!

Business Classified Adverts

Looking for an item for sale. Here, local and national businesses will be able to tell you about lots of local items for sale.

Public Agency Listings, Announcements and Opinion Polls

Mytownhomepage is also here to help local Public Agencies keep in touch with you.  There’s an area for you to find a list of many of the Agencies in your area, there’s an area for them to tell you about any announcements they have and there’s also an area for you to give them your opinion on a range of local issues.

Local Groups, Organisations and Clubs

In this section you’ll find lots of information about local Groups and Organisations.

News, Notices and Events

Local Good News

At Mytownhomepage we want to spread good news. You can use this page for free if you have an item that you’d like to tell the public about.


You can use Mytownhomepage for Public Notices for free in the same way that you’d use your local press (but they might charge you!) e.g. to tell people of an anniversary, birthday, engagement etc.


We want to keep the public in your area updated about what’s going on. The events page is easy to use and is the place for you to tell everyone for free about any forthcoming events.

General Classified Adverts

If you’re a general member of the public and have an item, in whatever condition, for sale, you can use this part of the site for free. It’s a great way for you to get some cash out of the attic or for you to declutter your house. And unlike some other sites on the internet, on this site you can be guaranteed that local people will be selling to local people so you won’t have to worry about postage and packaging!

Become a Member

Feel free to look around the site. If however you want to use some parts of the site you’ll be asked to become a member. This is free and will allow you to register for and use any part of the site.  Don’t worry about your information. We’ll keep it very safe and we’ll treat it with the utmost respect.  Full details are given in the Policies and Terms and Conditions pages.

We'll Keep in Touch with You

Mytownhomepage will use a variety of ways to keep in touch with the general public in an area. We’ll have a regular Weekly Newsletter where we’ll tell the public about what’s new this week, a Daily Deals Newsletter, a Facebook page and a Twitter Page.

Contact Us

We hope we’ve thought of a lot of ways to help you.  If there’s anything you’d like to speak to us about, use the Contact Us page.