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Request a Quote

If you need some work done around the house, our Request-a-Quote service can put you in touch with our list of local trades. If you’re a trades business and want to know more about how to register, go to our trades businesses page.


Request a Quote Explained

If you need some work done (have a look at the list of over 30 jobs below) then fill in our contact form and we'll forward that to the appropriate registered trades businesses we have on file. When you fill in the form you can give us info like the description of the job, what your budget is (if you want to disclose that), how many quotes you'd like (usually 5 maximum), when you'd like the quote by etc. We then pass that information to our local trades businesses that could do the job and get you the number of quotes you wanted for the job. We'll then tell you the details of the companies that will be contacting you about the job. After that, it's between you and the contractors to decide if you appoint any of them. By accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree to tell us if you went ahead with any work and how much the agreed price was. After you’ve had the work done we’ll ask you to tell us how happy you were with the job so that we can keep track of how good a job our trades businesses do and so that future customers can get the benefit of your opinion.

What can I get a quote for?

You can get a quote for a whole host of jobs around the house. The registration form has a drop down list for you but, as an example some items include:

Air Conditioning Electrical Paving
Bathrooms Extensions Plastering
Bedrooms Flooring Plumbing
Blinds Gardening Refurbishments of homes,
shops and offices
Boilers Heating Roofing
Building work House repairs Security Alarms
Carpets Insulation Survey work
CCTV Kitchens Tiles
Conversions Laminates Windows
Decorating Masonry Any other work
Doors Painting

If you’d like to Request a Quote use the button at the top right of the page.