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Request-a-Quote Trades Info

Request a Quote for Trades Businesses

If you’re a Trade or Contractor we can help you get in touch with local people looking for jobs to be done. It’s FREE to register, so you’ve absolutely nothing to lose!

Request a Quote Explained

Customers get in touch with us looking for a wide range work to be done around their house or office. If you'd like your business to get that work then contact us to set up a partnership agreement with us. Usually we'll ask for a commission fee for passing that work to you. The commission fee will depend on the cost of the work we pass to you.

What jobs can you register for?

You can register to quote for a whole host of jobs. The registration form has a drop down list for the customer to complete but, as an example some items include:

Air Conditioning Electrical Paving
Bathrooms Extensions Plastering
Bedrooms Flooring Plumbing
Blinds Gardening Refurbishments of homes, shops and offices
Boilers Heating Roofing
Building work House repairs Security Alarms
Carpets Insulation Survey work
CCTV Kitchens Tiles
Conversions Laminates Windows
Decorating Masonry Any other work
Doors Painting

When you register your business with us for FREE, we’ll ask you to tell us which items you can do. We’ll then contact you when we have potential work for you.

What will it cost me?

The commission fee usually ranges from between 15% and 3% depending on the value of the work.

How do I register for FREE?

Fill in the Trades and Contractors Registration Form or contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact Us

If you think we’ve forgotten something, we don’t have your category of work or if you have any comments or queries about Request a Quote then Contact Us.