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Info for Groups, Organisations and Clubs
We recognise that a major issue for Groups, Organisations and Clubs is for them to be able to connect to your own specific members and also to the general public. At Mytownhomepage we’ll help you do that. We’ll offer a wide variety of ways to help you reach the people you want to connect to, most of them for FREE. Even when there is a small charge it’ll be a lot cheaper, easier and more effective than other more traditional ways that you may have used in the past. Have a look below at some of the ways we can help your Group, Organisation or Club be more effective in your local area. 


Here are some ways that you can use Mytownhomepage as a local Group, Organisation or Club:

Groups' Listings

Groups will be allowed 2 types of listing i.e. a Free Listing and a Top Listing.  A Free Listing allows for basic details (Name; Short Description; Logo/Image; Address; Telephone Number) of your Group to be included. A Top Listing allows customers to link to a full page of information about your organisation. In a Top Listing you can get;

  • a full page web site
  • full details of what your Agency is about
  • a link to your email address
  • a link to your external web page if you have one
  • a map showing where you're based
  • a link to your Facebook Page if you have one
  • a link to your Twitter site if you have one
  • a link to your You Tube Account if you have one

Normally a Top Listing would cost businesses or public agencies up to £100 per year. However all Top Listings for Groups will be FREE! Use the link above to register your group on our site and get a FREE Top Listing. You can change this page at any time so you can use it as your own club web page or use it as a link towards your own club web page.


If you’ve got an announcement to make to the general public then this part of the site will help you do that. We’ll give you lots of space to make your announcement and we’ll help you promote it through our newsletters and social networking sites. For a limited period, announcements will be FREE.

Opinion Polls

We recognise that getting the views of the general public might be important to you. Our Opinion Polls tool will help you get that information and for a limited period it'll be FREE to use.

Local Good News

At Mytownhomepage we want to spread good news. This part of the site will always be FREE so if you’ve an item that you’d like to tell the public about then go to the Local Good News Page.


This part of the site will always be FREE and will allow you to post a notice to the general public.


We want to keep the public in your area updated about what’s going on. The events page is easy to use and is the place for you to tell everyone about any forthcoming events. What's more is that it'll always be FREE

Advertise with us

Mytownhomepage offers a wide range of opportunities for local Groups, Organisations and Clubs to be able to advertise on the site. This ranges from banner adverts which will be posted at the top of every page on the site through to small adverts on specific pages that you’re interested in. For a limited period, all adverts will be Half Price.

Become a Member

If you decide to use any part of the site you’ll be asked to become a Member. This is free and will allow you to register for and use any part of the site.  As a Member you’ll be able to amend your listing or advert or announcement at any time. If you use parts of the site that have a charge, we’ll make it easy for you to pay.

Get Networked

Mytownhomepage will use a variety of ways to get your listings, announcements, opinion polls etc in front of the general public. We’ll have a regular Weekly Newsletter where we’ll tell locals about what’s new this week, a Facebook page and a Twitter Page. We’ll be building up a comprehensive database of local customers and will be in touch with them regularly to allow you to connect with them.

Contact Us

We hope we’ve thought of a lot of ways to help your local Group, Organisation or Club.  If there’s anything you’d like to speak to us about, use the Contact Us page.